This Love
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: Even Greater
Song: This Love

Dm F G

Verse 1:
This love you have for me
F	   G		      Dm		
It goes beyond my wildest dreams
	     F	   G	
And i am in awe

Verse 2:
This grace you've shown to me
F	     G		       Dm
Its made me see the light of day
		 F	G
And I love you lord

Dm	         F		 G		  Bb   C
There is no one like you 	(There is no one like you)
Dm	      F		         G		  Bb   C
You alone are great 		(You alone are great)
Dm		     F		 G		     Bb   C
We give you all the glory 	(We give you all the glory)
Dm		     F		 G		     Bb   C
We give you all the praise 	(We give you all the praise)

Dm	  F		   C
Hey, Hey I'm in love with you
    G/B		     Dm 
And im sold out for you
    F 		 C        G/B
Cos you are everything to me
Dm	      F       C 
Hey, Hey I believe in you
And lord i know that
No one can take this love away
C       A/C#  			
Im gona praise you everyday

Dm				F  G
Its time to get your praise on

By James Reid
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