Supernatural v3
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 3
Joth Hunt – Planetshakers
Key; Dm (D, E, F, G, A#,
C, D)                          Relevant major is F.
Bpm; 140 in 4/4 time.
Tuning is Drop D

I highly recommend that you listen to the song to get all of these timings and chord
changes right. Download the iLivid software (I think that’s what it’s called) and download
to video from youtube. If for some reason you don’t have access to youtube, or if you 
want the MP3, then email me. I’ll post my email address at the end of the tab.

D5 (Under the lead part) (x2)
D5      F      G (x3)  C    (x4)

D5                                              C
Something never seen, never heard before
D                   C   G/B   F   G   F
It’s supernatural
D5                                              C
Step into the new, see the old no more
D                               C
It’s supernatural

Bb      C      Dm
                Take us higher
Bb      C      Dm
                Take us deeper
Bb      C      Dm                C                  G
                Take us into everything You have for us

D5                                             C
We’re going up moving out of the natural
G                                   Bb                 C
We’re stepping into the promises of Your Word
D5                                           C
We’re going up to the supernatural
G       Bb  C

D5 (Under alternative riff)              (x4)
D5      F      G (x3)         C
Are you ready           (are you ready)
D5      F      G (x3)         C
For His power           (for His power)
D5      F      G (x3)         C
Are you ready           (are you ready)
D5      F      G (x3)         C
It’s supernatural               (it’s supernatural)

D5      (Under Alternative Riff)        (x4)
D5      (Chord hits)                    (x4)

Those are the chords. Listen to the track for the structure and all that. There are also
tabs on my profile, just click on my name up top.
Any questions email me at or message/add me on facebook,
which I check a lot more often.

Enjoy :)
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