Perfect Day
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
THIS SONG IS NICE!! enjoy :)

intro: E A2 C#m A2 (6x)

E            A2        B   A2
looking back over my life
i can see some changes
that You have brought

E          A2       B      A2
everything became so clear
at that moment
that you came in my life

        A2                   B
it was as if i'd seen for the first time
      A2                     B
and sudenly felt like i could breathe

               E   A2
what a perfect day
              B   A2
what a perfect day
              C#m           A2               B
what a perfect day when You came into my life

A2    C#m                  E  A2 C#m A2   AT THE LAST PART=>(A2 B)
jesus i'm in love with you
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