New Era
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1

[Verse 1]

D              A  Bm               D/F#  G
  It's a new era,    let it begin
               D/F#  G
It's untold favor,     we're walking in
D                   A  Bm                 D/F#  G
  Your word was spoken    and we believe
                  D/F#  G                A
You pour out blessing,    we receive it


A          Bm                G
Oh it's a new day, we're on top of the world
D/F#   A         Bm                   G
  And oh it's a new sound that we're singing out


D               D/F#  Bm
Everybody celebrate!
'Cause we're living in the greatest days
D                        D/F#
Lifting up the highest praise 
    Bm             G
'Cause You're worthy, You're worthy 
D                          D/F#  Bm
Blessing that we can't contain 
There are miracles we can't explain
D                      D/F#
Dancing in this joy again
       Bm                  G
'Cause You're worthy, Lord you're worthy
D                Bm
Whoah oh oh oh.  Whoah oh oh oh.
Whoah oh oh oh.  Whoah oh oh oh.

[Verse 2]

D                    A   Bm                      D/F#
  We're dreaming bigger,    we're stretching out
G                D/F#  G                A
Our faith is rising,     the future now
D                    A  Bm                 D/F#
  We're moving forward,    no turning back
G                 D/F#  G               A
Your plan unfolding,      we receive it


A           Bm
Yes! Yes! Lord agree that
G           D/F#                  A
Yes! Yes! It's in Your heart to bless, bless
  Bm               G  D/F#
Lord we receive it
Em        D/F#
Yes! Yes! Lord we release it
Bm7       C                   Em
Yes! Yes! All of Your people bless, bless
D/F#            G   A
Lord we believe it
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