Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
No Capo


G D Em  C (x4)

[Verse 1]

 G                   C
Rising, I feel my heart sing
      Em          C
His praises, our Lord and King
      G              C
The wonder, the Majesty
  Em     D             C
Welcome our King of Glory in


      Em    D    C
Every tribe and tongue
      Em  F#m   G
Every land will sing Your praise
        Em   D  C
Till the end of time
      D       Em
We'll sing, Majesty


 G        D          Em        C
All Majesty, to the God of creation
 G         D         Em       C
All Majesty, God of all generation
       G           D          Em          C
This anthem we sing, to the God of all nation
 Em        D      C
All Majesty, we sing 
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