Its You
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
Planetshakers - It's You


Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm, C

Dm            C    Dm                     C
Come on, come on, let this song of praise rise
Dm            C    Dm             F    G
Come on, come on, lift a shout of freedom
Dm            C    Dm                 C
Come on, come on, sing about His goodness
Dm            C    Dm              F        G
Come on, come on, give Him all your praise now

It's time to celebrate and make a joyful noise
For He alone is great, and greatly to be praise

     D                    Bm
It's You, there's no one greater
         A               G
no one better than You God
     D                   Bm
It's You, Your love is stronger
Like no other, God it's You

This is a pretty simplistic song, listen along to the track to get the arrangement and 
timing down.
If you need any help with it or if you have any questions regarding either this song, or 
other songs then feel free to email me at the address below, I'll be more than happy to 
help you out in any way possible.
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