Im Free
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1

G Em Bm/D C

[Verse 1]

Joy, there’s a joy in my soul
              C        G
Can’t explain it but I know, it’s You.
Light, Oh, I’m feeling so light
                        C          G
Like a weight has been lifted, by You.
                         C           G
Jesus, You are my break through, it’s You.


Now I’m free, ye-e-eeah
 Em Ebm/D C
There is nothing holding me
I’m free, ye-e-eeah
 Em Bm/D C
Cause you died and rose for me
 G -
Now I’m free

[Verse 2]

Peace, there’s a peace in my heart
                        C          G
There’s a power that’s with me, it’s You
                          C          G
Jesus, You are my breakthrough, it’s You


G Em Bm/D C
No weapon formed against me, we’ll overcome
G Em - Bm/D C
The enemy’s defeated, Jesus has won