God Is Able v2
Difficulty: Intermediate / Version: 2
I searched for chords of this song but I failed to see
correct chords, so I tried to make one of it. This is 
my first time posting a chord for a song :D.  
Please rate/comment so that I'd know if it's correct. 
Glory to God!

The whole chords will be ruined if copied and pasted, so if
you want to have this song, just download it from the link below.

God is Able
By Planetshakers

Bm             G
  You part the ocean
Em      A             Bm
  You calm the raging sea
          G-Em    A       Bb-Bm
  You are able to do this in me

  You said You're for me
 Em   A             Bm
  So who can stand against
           G   Em  A
  You are with me Lord I know that

G                        A
Nothing is too hard for You
G                        A
Nothing is too hard for You

  G       D      Bm A 
I know my God is able
      G        D          Bm A 
And I know His love never fails
  G       D      Bm A 
I know my God is able
  Em         G
I believe in You

   A       Bm       G     D
I trust in You with all I am
        A        Bm       G      D
Cause I know You have the master plan
        A        Bm   G         D
So I'll throw my life into Your hands
         Em             G
For Your glory for Your glory


Chords By IsmakuliT

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